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SPCamo is an uncompensated, voluntary group of hobbyists committed to improving the Steel Panthers game system for the benefit of other hobbyists to enjoy. After SP Camo Workshop ended code development of its two wargames in late 2003, many of the team at SP Camo Workshop chose to continue enhancing the wargames as "SPCamo."

SSI produced the original game in 1996: Steel Panthers 2, Modern Battles (SP2). The first modified version of the game, SP2WW2, was conceived, developed and released in 1998 by Don Goodbrand and Andy Gailey. It was so good that SSI allowed them to use the game code for all future mods. Thus was born the game: SPWW2, Steel Panthers World War 2. From 1998 through 2003 both men oversaw a fluctuating team of dedicated wargamers, SP Camo Workshop, who expanded and modified the original through successive versions until v6.0 Supplement. They even created an expansion of the original modern warfare game, and called it SPMBT, Steel Panthers Modern Battle Tank. That game was brought forward to v2.0 Supplement. In August of 2003 Don & Andy decided that the code had been developed to the limit of practicality, and that they wanted to move on to other projects. After releasing several upgrades and putting in thousands of man-hours into this project and its sister project (SPMBT), the torch was passed to SP Camo. We still have many ideas to implement and will continue to update and enhance the games further.

We hope that you enjoy playing SPWW2 & SPMBT as much as we have enjoyed creating & enhancing them. Both games have always been a free download, and will always remain a free download. Both are whole, self-contained games complete with the utilities necessary to make your own mods. No other program is needed to play either game. You can find more about the games at the SP Camo Workshop site.

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