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About The Logic Factory

We’re a small company in terms of the amount of people here, and we like it that way. Our only goal is to make the best games we can and give them the best chance in getting out to our customers. When we decide what games we want to create we put all of our effort into it, but our overall design decisions always boil down to one thing: we make the games that we most want to play.

Our second title, The Tone Rebellion, is releasing in November. Check out the Tone section for more information.

As to the future, we think the best games will always be made by relatively few talented people working together in an environment that promotes freedom and creativity. That is, the best way to compete in this business is not to make ten games a year, or even five, but to put everything into just a couple of titles at a time. We maintain total ownership and control over every aspect of our games, we all share in the profits, and we’re always making sure we take advantage of the best technology available to our customers.

Thomas Blom, Jason Decker, Arthur DiBianca, John Paul, Jason Templeman, and Neno Vugrinec are the team that makes our games. Jay, Kristin, and Todd Templeman do the marketing, public relations and other business stuff. John Landaker manages our quality assurance and customer support.

If it sounds like fun to you, you’re right. Who would have known that all those hours playing games when we were kids…

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