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In 1995, Jim Elson and 2 other members of TeamTNT (creators of Evilution, the first half of Final Doom™) decided to create the definitive 32-level add-on for DoomII™. After recruiting a number of the best level designers on the Internet, the result was Hell To Pay™. Shortly before work was completed on HTP, Tom Mustaine, who as every knows now works at Ritual Entertainment, joined the team, contributed some kick-ass music and otherwise applied his extraordinary expertise to the polishing and finishing process.

Tom also brought with a large number of levels for another 32-level add-on he had been developing. A few months later, the result was Perdition's Gate™, Wraithcorp's second 32-level add-on for DoomII. Both of these are published by GTI's Value Products Division and can be ordered over the Net. The limited editions of HTP and PG were included in D!Zone Gold™. and are now available for free.

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