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Xtreme Games LLC was founded in late 1995 by Andre' LaMothe, the world's best selling game programming author to create the next generation of value 2D/3D video games for the consumer market while at the same time to explore new and untapped markets in the commercial arena and internet distribution. Xtreme Games LLC currently enjoys the position of being the world's largest developer of value software consiting of over 400+ game studios around the world. Xtreme develops games for IDG, eGames Inc., Expert Software, Activision, ValuSoft, Simon & Schuster Interactive, along with many other distributors and publishers.

Xtreme Games LLC was incorporated in California as a "Limited Liability Company", sharing the best liability features of a C-type corporation and the tax benefits of an S-type corporation. Xtreme Games is located in San Jose, CA and does business as a "Virtual Corporation", meaning that Xtreme Games is composed of a number of employees from Canada to Florida via internet. This structuring has allowed Xtreme Games LLC to function for a fraction of the normal cost due to low overhead. This gives Xtreme an unheard of advantage over its competitors.

Additionally, Xtreme has founded the the XGDC (Xtreme Games Developers Conference) which is a next generation game developers conference held each year with the purpose of sharing knowledge and ideas rather than generating income as it's sole purpose.

In closing, due to the developmental resources of Xtreme Games, Xtreme has the power to create any title at will. For 2000 Xtreme has already licensed more than 20 SKUs consisting of over 300+ game titles with more on the way. Xtreme is aggessively forging forward into its new internet and online strategy which will consist of both an emence on-line distribution system along with a new web presence that will bring developers as well as consumers to one gaming focal point on the web for purchasing, development, news, and more..

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