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King's Quest 1 VGA

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You can play King's Quest 1 VGA on this website so you don't need to download and install the game on your computer. We recommend to use Google Chrome when playing DOS games online.

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  • Update
  • Windows
  • 18,226 kB (17.80 MB)


If the game plays too slowly in the browser, consider downloading it and playing in a local installation of DOSBox or directly in Windows (might require DxWnd on newer systems).

The official release of King's Quest 1 VGA is Windows-only, but the game is playable in DOS with the DOS binary of Adventure Game Studio (AGS).

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Game description

This is a fan-made remake of Sierra's King's Quest: Quest for the Crown, created with Chris Jones' Adventure Game Studio (AGS). The game recreates the plot and puzzles from the original King's Quest, but, much like the official EGA remake by Sierra, it updates the visuals, this time to 256 colours, while also adding optional voiced dialogue and high quality background music, and a mouse-driven point-and-click interface.

You take on the role of Sir Graham, a noble knight in the service of the aged King of Daventry. The King commands that you find the three long-lost artifacts to restore the realm to its former glory. The game world is split into a multitude of screens with various scenery, and you interact with Graham's surroundings using mouse-driven context commands.

In accord with Roberta Williams' story-weaving style, the kingdom of Daventry looks more like an enchanted forest from a fairy tale than an actual mediaeval kingdom. You will run into a multitude of fairy-tale tropes manifested as characters, items and locations, some played straight and others cleverly subverted. Scenes are nicely drawn, with plenty of animations and an overall consistent look.

All art in the game has been created from scratch using the original Sierra games only as general reference. Animated character portraits were added to scenes which contain dialogue, similar to later instalments in Sierra's Quest series. The remake follows its own art style, which is distinct from official Sierra's VGA games (like Quest for Glory) or similarly-styled fan creations such as Heroine's Quest.

King's Quest 1 VGA was released as freeware for non-commercial purposes. The authors of the remake received an official license to release their fan work to the public. The original versions could run both in DOS and Windows, but a more recent Windows-only version is also available, with updated art and further improvements (please see the links section below).

Description by MrFlibble

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