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Skunny: Back to the Forest

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Also known as: Skunny & Rosie in Back to the Forest (in-game title)
Developer: Copysoft
Publisher: Copysoft
More details:Official game website, MobyGames
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Game description

Back to the Forest is a side-scrolling arcade platform game featuring Skunny, an anthropomorphic squirrel. It is mostly non-violent and puts a great emphasis on running and jumping, rather than confronting enemies, making it somewhat similar to Sonic the Hedgehog.

Skunny's friends are captured and held in houses guarded by giant toads. The only way for Skunny to defeat a toad is to grab a golden nut to get super powers. In each level, Skunny races against time to get this power, then fly back, Superman-style, and knock out the toad to release his friend.

Levels get progressively more difficult with various obstacles and unfriendly creatures (like ants, bees and snails) standing in the way. The twist here is that Skunny does not have a health bar, but instead there is a countdown timer: bonus items add more seconds but getting hit by enemies decreases the amount of time left.

Like in Super Mario Bros. or Sonic, Skunny can defeat creatures by jumping over them, but with the time limit and his great running speed it is often more reasonable to just get past these obstacles as quickly as possible.

Back to the Forest was sold as shareware. The unregistered version contains two levels out of ten in the full game.

Description by MrFlibble

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