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About Copysoft

Copysoft USA, home of Skunny the Squirrel, is a division of American Shareware. We represent a select group of family-oriented, non-violent games that provide both young and old with fun, excitement and challenge. Many of our games can be run on older technology computers to allow all our friends to enjoy the Skunny series. You can choose from 6 games starring Skunny "The Squirrel with an Attitude" and all his friends.

Our Mission

To provide family oriented computer games which we are proud to let our family and friends play, without reservation. We pledge to provide fast, friendly, personal service.

Company Profile

Starting in 1993, David Snell, president of American Shareware and Copysoft USA successfully introduced Copysoft's Skunny Series of games including Skunny Kart throughout the United States and Canada. With the help of his wife, Pam, who stepped in as Director of Marketing in 1995, they have grown American Shareware/Copysoft USA into the International company it is today.

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