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About I-Motion

I-Motion may have been a publishing label for Infogrames in North America. Located in Santa Monica, California, its logo appears on game covers for United States releases dating from 1992 (Alone in the Dark) through 1996 (Time Gate: Knight Chase).

The label was linked almost entirely with Infogrames when credited on game cover art. However, in 1995 I-Motion published Titus's game Virtual Chess and Artdink's C.E.O. and Infogrames wasn't mentioned.

The last reference of I-Motion was on the US front cover of the 1999 game Outcast with the words "Infogrames North America presents an I-Motion production". This the year of the GT Interactive/Infogrames take-over. Thus it appears the I-Motion label/brand was phased out with Infogrames as its replacement.

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