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Teacy Entertainment Enterprises

About Teacy Entertainment Enterprises

We are:
One heck of a sorcerer, musician, SFX-creator—TEACY! alias Tilo Christ
One heck of a painter, designer, music maestro, "paint package-operator", provider of weird ideas and of moral support ... NOT! CHAOS DESIGN! alias Axel Christ

SWM, 22 yo., 5' 6", untamed hair. Look pretty intellectual, I s'pose.

I seek: Experience in the ways of the woman, unbounded wealth, etc. ROAD HOG! is my first try to enter the software scene. It's only a game, but it has changed my life, and the way I drive! I'm taking a break now, it's time to regain my touch with reality... (I haven't looked out of the window for the past couple of hours.)

1. Eat and poop and sleep—a fulfilled life?
2. Eat and paint and sleep—Sounds better...
3. Eat and paint—Now we're getting there!
4. Just paint (and starve)—No, no, one step back, please...
5. Eat and paint—All right, that's him.

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Road Hog!