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Play Rise of the Triad online - shareware (installed)


The HUNT Begins is a stand-alone prequel to the retail game, Dark War. There are seven regular single-player levels, one secret level, and two single-player levels accessible only by the use of the level warp cheat.

The LaserSoft expansion adds three more single-player and three multiplayer levels. To add the extra LaserSoft levels, please check the instructions inside

NOTE: This game can be played directly in Windows using a source port (see the links section below).


Type in each cheat code, letter by letter, to get the desired effect. You can type in either the "code" or the "alternate". Note that for the codes, the slash is a backslash, not a forward slash. The codes are not case sensitive. The "dipstick" code must be given before any others, to enable the other cheats.

Code | Alternate | Description
\ECC | DIPSTICK | Enable/disable cheat codes.
\GTL | GOTO | Level selection.
\GOO | GOOBERS | Restart from first level.
\REL | REEN | Re-enter level.
\L8R | GOGATES | Exit to DOS.
\ECL | GOARCH | Exit current level.
\FUN | [none] | Pause and enter rotation mode (use mouse). Left and right buttons zoom in and out.
\EKG | [none] | Extreme Gib mode.
\LEE | MAESTRO | Game jukebox. Choose a song!
\WWW | CHOJIN | Woundless with weapons. This is the "invulnerability" code. With this code, you also have all the weapons, and you will never run out of ammo.
\GOD | TOOSAD | God mode.
\MER | FLYBOY | Mercury mode.
\SHR | BADTRIP | Shrooms mode.
\ELA | BOING | Elasto mode.
\RFA | SPEED | Enable autorun.
\PAN | PANIC | Reset to normal; full health; no modes, keys, or extra guns.
\OOF | WHACK | Hurt yourself.
\DIE | 86ME | Kill yourself.
\DON | DIMON | Light diminishing on.
\DOF | DIMOFF | Light diminishing off.
\FON | LONDON | Fog on.
\FOF | NODNOL | Fog off.
\SON | SHINEON | Light sourcing on.
\SOF | SHINEOFF | Light sourcing off.
\CON | GOTA386 | Turn off floor and ceiling textures.
\COF | GOTA486 | Turn on floor and ceiling textures.
\BAR | SHOOTME | Bulletproof armor.
\FAR | BURNME | Asbestos armor.
\GAR | LUNGDUNG | Gas mask.
\GAI | SIXTOYS | Get keys, bulletproof armor, health.
\BUM | SLACKER | Get all keys.
\OFP | HUNTPACK | Outfit player (bulletproof armor, keys, heatseeker).
\GW2 | JOHNWOO | Double pistols.
\GW3 | PLUGEM | MP40 machine gun.
\GW4 | VANILLA | Bazooka.
\GW5 | HOTTIMES | Heakseeker.
\GW6 | BOOZE | Drunk missile.
\GW7 | FIREBOMB | Firebomb.
\GW8 | BONES | Flamewall.
\GW9 | SEEYA | Hand of god (permanent god mode).
\CAM | RIDE | Missile camera on/off.
\HUD | WHERE | HUD on/off (x,y,room coordinates).
RECORD | Record a demo (does not work in v1.0).
STOP | Stop a demo (does not work in v1.0).
PLAY | Play a demo (does not work in v1.0).

Description by Derek Greentree

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