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Play Shadow Warrior online - shareware (installed)


You can play Shadow Warrior without DOSBox using a modern source port (please see the links section at the bottom of the page). VoidSW is the recommended option.


Press T to enter talk mode before typing the codes. Then type one of the following codes to cheat:

swchan: Toggle God mode
swghost: No clipping (walk through walls)
swgimme: Gives you everything (except invincibility(
swgreed: Gives you all ammo, weapons, items and invincibility
swloc: Shows framerate
swmap: Shows entire map
swres: Changes resolution
swsave: Saves map to a .map file
swstart: Restarts the game
swtrek##: Warp to any level (## is the level number)
swtrix: Shoots rabbits out of rocket launcher (?)
winpachinko: Win a prize out of game machine

Description by VGTips

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